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If you want to learn more about Roșia Montană, the mining project and the protests against it, you’ve come to the right place.

It is fairly difficult to find information about Roșia Montană written in English and even more difficult to find objective descriptions of the area since everybody is taking sides in the conflict. It could be that the only information that is not particularly biased is the Wikipedia page: Roșia Montană on Wikipedia.

NGOs and institutions that oppose the mining project:

These are organized opinions; people who invest the most time in documenting the evolution of the events.

Facebook pages and groups:

This is the voice of the people who are tired of standing aside; their personal opinions, wishes and hopes.

Join a group, like a page, ask a question. Do not be worried about all the posts in Romanian; these groups did not get much attention from foreigners, but if you ask there will be someone to answer.

Websites with various information on Roșia Montană:

This section has links to websites that present the Roșia Montană issue on different levels. You will find news, documents, pictures, videos and comments of persons interested in the subject.

Other articles in the international media about the subject:

We fight against them:

If you want to learn about the arguments in favor of the mining project visit the company pages.

…and they are the ones who should protect us:

These are our leaders. Some of them have been involved since the beginning of the project. Some of them have to decide the future of Roșia Montană. All of them should be held accountable.

Facts about cyanide and cyanide mining

This section contains links explaining more about cyanide, cyanide mining and why it should be banned.

Articles and videos about different other cyanide gold-mining projects:


2 thoughts on “The Hub

  1. A short, independent clip made at Rosia Poieni, in the vicinity of Rosia Montana (English subtitles), following copper exploitation (a glimpse of a potential new ecological disaster):

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