On this page you can find videos showing Roșia Montană and the recent protests in Romania and all over the world.

Roșia Montană region


A short, independent clip made at Rosia Poieni, Geamăna village,  in the vicinity of Roșia Montană (English subtitles), following copper exploitation (a glimpse of a potential new ecological disaster):


Another short clip made by Tică Darie, a volunteer currently residing in Roșia Montană who studied Multimedia Design in Copenhagen. This clip also presents the Geamăna village following the copper exploitation. A villager said: “When the church is completely swallowed, the village will die.”

“Roșia Montană, Town on the brink”

A documentary about the current situation in Roșia Montană, written and directed by the German director Fabian Daub

Protests against cyanide mining – Romanian Autumn

A promo video of the protests against the gold mining project. Solidarity shown in Berlin. In German, with English subtitles

The Roșia Montană human leaf flash-mob in Bucharest, Sunday October 13th 2013.

The human chain around the Romanian Parliament House (21.09.2013) – cyclists and pedestrians united to save!

Video with photos marking 1 month of continuous protests


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